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Air-coupled Phased-Array Ultrasound Inspection

The new generation of ultrasonic nondestructive testing

Air-coupled Phased-Array Ultrasound Inspection

Optimization of the value chain.

While air-coupled ultrasound testing methods have only been used in niche applications such as aerospace and aviation in recent decades, this testing method is becoming increasingly important nowadays.

This is primarily due to the possibility of testing without coupling and the associated benefits. Air-coupled ultrasonic testing is mainly used in process control in production chains and is perfectly suited for testing materials and structures composed of composites (laminates and sandwich structures), ceramics, concrete, glass, polymers (plastics), wood and metal. Thus, a wide range of inspection tasks e.g. interface detection, bonding characterization, inhomogeneity detection or the detection of internal discontinuities and inclusions can be covered.

In addition, impurities and damage to materials and test pieces are prevented in the production process, thus eliminating costly cleaning steps. Ultimately, this is accompanied by an increase in effectiveness and quality.

One step ahead.

For highly attenuating materials, the performance of the system is critical. The ultrasonic sensors, the scanning area and the system settings should be flexibly adapted to the test task and the material.

These high expectations are met with the new and modular testing system SONOAIR®. With the world’s first air-coupled phased-array UT inspection system SONOAIR® we developed a technology that works with up to 4 transmitter and receiver channels with freely configurable square wave burst transmitters as wells as low noise receiving amplifiers. By the help of e.g. SONOSCAN CF400-3E probes the inspection can be conducted closer to the material.

As a result of the smaller focus distance, an improvement in the lateral resolution and a clear gain in sensitivity are thus achieved.
With SONOTEC® you are one step ahead.


  • Aerospace
  • Shipbuilding
  • Wind turbine construction
  • Automobile


  • Interface Detection
  • Homogeneity Analysis
  • Delamination Testing
  • Bond Inspection

Materials, compounds and structures

Applications for air-coupled phased-array ultrasonic testing can be found in the automotive, aircraft, railway or wind power industry. Material Testing is carried out so far by transmission measurement (two-sided). SONOAIR® enables also the so-called Pitch-Catch order (one-sided). Here, probes are not placed on different sides of the test object, but on the same side. However, this method is only suitable for certain measuring methods such as e.g. the sheet metal weld inspection.

In these sectors, modern composite materials such as glass or carbon fiber reinforced plastics (CFRP, GFRP and ceramics) are used, but many more can be tested with SONOAIR®.




Flooring laminate or parqet samples.

Thin metal sheets

Aluminium rolls

Foam and foam composites

Foam, Polyethylene Multi Color Material Shockproof Closed Up


Plexiglass sheets colored

Honey comb structures





Close up texture of oriented strand board (OSB)


terassenplatten verlegen


Stone tiles samples


Wood timber construction material for background and texture. close up. Stack of wooden bars. small depth of field


Auto reifen (Lager)

The new generation of nondestructive testing

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Extensive software for detailed presentation and evaluation of the measurement results

  • Presentation of measurement results as A-, B-, C- or D-Scan
  • Repositioning of measurement gates after the inspection
  • Storage of complete A-Scans for every measurement point during the testing process (optional)
  • Individual signal processing algorithms e.g. for filters (optional)

Measurement results

CFRP plate

CFK Platte
Detection of impact damage to CFRP plate

Honeycomb structure

Wabe 1
Delamination in honeycomb structure

Laminated timber (beech)

Laminated timber (beech) with different flaws

CFRP Plate

SONOTEC® Logo in CFRP Plate


The high performing SONOSCAN CF probes have been designed for couplant-free material testing. Due to their stainless steel housing the probes are extremely rugged and maintenance free. Currently the portfolio comprises frequencies from 50 to 400 kHz. In addition to these standard specifications customized probes with the following features can be realized as well:

  • Outstanding acoustic characteristics
  • Your technical requirements
  • Reasonable price performance ratio

Your advantages


Of high attenuating materials

Modular concept

For flexible adaptation to the application

High resolution

Due to the use of focusing transducers


for detailed presentation of measurement result

Evaluation of the measurement results

High resolution of A-/B-/C- or D-scans

Innovative probes

SONOSCAN CF with robust stainless steel housing


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